Terms and Conditions

  1. Register with voluntary interest after reading and agreeing the terms and conditions carefully.
  2. Only 18 or above aged individuals are eligible for this Platform.
  3. If you wish to help others, only use the money you have earned.*
  4. If you wish to help others, only use the money you have earned.
  5. If you are personally interested to give Rs.300 for helping then you can enter into this business.
  6. You can register, only if you convey and associate 2 other people from the 15 days of your registration.
  7. Register in this business Only if you believe that it is your duty to help those who are in need of it in your society.
  8. .The company ensures all the benefits of this platform and services make available to every members who join this platform.
  9. Members are required to give amounts based on the amounts received.
  10. .Monetary support given to Help others, platform maintennence fee to the company and are not refundable.
  11. Two Direct Sponcer Compulsory in each every Month.
  12. T&C I personally agree and accept that company has the full right to make changes/ammenments/addition in laws and guidelines of the governance of the company to make suitable changes to enchance the financial welfare of its members in this regards or any other activities to related to Mysankalp smart life business plans.I affirm that I will not act by word or deed against the aforesaid matters and will not drag thecompany into legal suits.
  13. Every Level,Transaction Deduct Admin Charge.
  14. Every member agree to pay in 8th level 1,00,000/-to the direct sponcer.
  15. Everyone should introduce a minimum of 2 members .this is a need to develop the system.
  16. each level upgrade compulsory within a 15 Days, otherwise you do not eligible for level income.
  17. Mysankalp Smart Life is a CrowdFunding platform for people and organizations to raise support for charitable causes
  18. The Mysankalp Smart Life website lets anyone empower their friends into an active base of donors for any legally permissible cause and lets any organization, company, or event unlock untapped leverage out of their existing platform.
  19. With your online sign up / form submission as a joining member you agree that only after you read and clearly understand the complete crowd funding plan and promising to follow related terms and conditions you agree to join with your own interest and your own personal decision.
  20. In case of any unexpected issues after your joining as a member you shall personally write a request application to meet and discuss with your SPONSOR for resolving issues in case if the SPONSOR is not available then you shall personally write a request application to CUSTOMER CARE for resolving issues meanwhile during the process you shall not cause any direct or indirect disturbances or damages to your SPONSOR or other members or MYSANKALP SMART LIFE.
  21. As a member if you violate any of the terms and conditions your membership shall be blocked furthermore resulting into immediate cancellation of your membership if you are found in violation.